ProjectScope/ ActivitiesGranter
1A Study to determine a system for building capacity for strengthening multi-centre clinical research management network in Thailand Year 1, 21. Strengthening CRC networking
2. Development of medical writing professional
3. Data management in clinical research and clinical research data standard
4. Strengthening quality standard of medical research
5. Research Utilization
6. Thai Clinical Trial Registry
7. Medical Education research
National Research Council of Thailand
2Drug Development Training Programproviding 5 programs as following
1. seminar in preclinical drug development: “From Preclinical Drug Development to IND”
2. Forum for Matching Researchers with Funding Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies, and/or Investors"
3. Forum: "Clinical Research Center (CRC) Development Models in Thailand and Expected Quality Standard for Phase 1 – 2 Clinical Trials"
4. Investigator training: “Effective Clinical Trial Project Management and GCP Compliance”
5. Round table discussion: "From Pre-clinical Study to First-in-Human and Proof-of-Concept Trial of Drug Development in Thailand; How to develop the effective regulatory review process and use of trial data to support a new drug approval"
National Research Council of Thailand
3Multicenter Clinical researches management project 2013Project management and research funding managementHealth System Research Institute