Data management

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Biometrics & Data Management Unit

Biometrics & Data Management unit provides, full-service data management We have over 16 year experience in data management supporting the investigators both clinical study and diseases registry.

Biometrics & Data Management unit are responsible for ensuring quality of data. They plan, manage, raise issues, ask questions, and provide solutions. Our project managers are the central point of coordination for all tracking and reporting on behalf of the study team.

Biometrics & Data Management unit offers a comprehensive service that support all clinical trials ,diseases registry and health survey study We provide solutions that can provide you with efficiencies, all driven with the goal to complete your study on time and on-budget

Biometrics & Data Management unit service provides

  • Statistical consults
  • Design Case Record forms
  • Develop and Follow Data management plans
  • Database setup
  • Data entry system service (OMERET, Openclinca)
  • Develop customized data entry for diseases registry and health survey study.
  • Data reporting and analysis
  • Data achieved