Multicenter Clinical Study

MedResNet serves both public and private agencies, such as providing data management services using the OMERET program, EDC, statistical analysis, quality assurance services of monitoring projects, protocol development. Example of our projects are following as:

Project nameNo of sitesNo of volunteerMedResNet responsibilities
Comparison of Surgical Site Infection between Delayed Primary Wound Closure versus Primary Closure in Complicated Appendicitis; A Multicenter Randomized Controlled trial)8600Project management
Feasibility of the Asia-Pacific Colorectal Cancer Risk Score and Fecal Immunochemical Test for prioritization in colorectal neoplasm screening in Thailand: A multi-center study61500Project management, Monitoring, Data management
Health System Development for Screening, Early Diagnosis and Management of Cholangiocarcinoma in Northeast, Thailand913,000Project management
A Randomized controlled trial of early versus late initiation of peritoneal dialysis17400Project management, Monitoring, Data management
A Prospective multicenter study of subcutaneous injection house dust mite allergen immunotherapy to generate evidence –based clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of chronic moderate to severe allergic rhinitis: MITAR (Multicenter Immuno Therapy for Allergic Rhinitis)14145Project management, Monitoring, Data management
Randomized controlled trial comparing concurrent chemoradiation versus concurrent chemoradiation followed by adjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer patients10500Project management, Monitoring, Data management
Effectiveness & Effiicacy of STEP Wise approach of Smoking Cessation System in Thailand (STEP Trial)Thai Health Promotion Foundation11/3400Project management, Monitoring, Data management
The Effect of integrated care on the rate of GFR Decline in CKD Patient: A community hospital approachThai beverage5/1,500Project management, Monitoring
Risk factors for non-communicable diseases among Thai population by regionsThai Health Promotion Foundation10/5,400Protocol development, Project management/ coordinator, Monitoring
Thailand- Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes AND Practice Patterns Study (Thailand-P-DOPPS)Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University22/1,000Project management/ coordinator, Monitoring