Clinical Operations

We are MedResNet

MedResNet provides, full-service CRO specializing in on-time delivery of clinical studies. We have over 16 years’ experience in clinical studies management and supporting the investigators both IIT and pharmaceutical trials.

MedResNet Clinical Project Leads/Managers are responsible for ensuring clear communication between all stakeholders, particularly with our sponsors. They plan, manage, raise issues, ask questions, and provide solutions. Our project managers are the central point of coordination for all tracking and reporting on behalf of the study team.

MedResNet offers a comprehensive service menu that supports all clinical trials from Phase II to Phase IV, beginning with study Feasibility through the completion of the Study Clinical Report. We provide solutions that can provide you with trial efficiencies, all driven with the goal to complete your study on time and on-budget.

MedResNet provides the following service areas for your studies:

  • Protocol development
  • Data management
  • Budgeting plan
  • CRF design; paper and electronic
  • Feasibility
  • Project management
  • Quality control; Monitoring
  • Quality assurance; Auditing
  • EC submission and communication
  • Regulatory
  • Statistics
  • Trial support service

Please contact MedResNet to learn more about our clinical trial services and how we can assist you by realizing your corporate goals.